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What is an Accordion?

An accordion is a wind musical instrument, formed by a rectangular bellows, and two frames (one on each side) provided with rows of buttons (or with keys like those of the piano on the right hand side); it is played by carrying it hanging from the shoulders and holding it with both hands by the sides, so that the bellows is opened and closed with the left and the keys and buttons are pressed with both.

What is the use of learning Accordion?

The accordion, together with the piano and the guitar, are "harmonic" instruments, since with them we can execute both the melody and the harmony of a song. This allows us not only to learn the instrument, but also to learn the basic concepts of music in general, which are rhythm, melody and harmony.

On the other hand, the accordion is the only instrument capable of executing 3 notes at the same time with a single finger (the chords, or basses, of the left hand) this reduces its complexity, since with the right hand we can execute a melody , and with the left hand just touch a button and play a Major, Minor, or Seventh chord, so that we can better focus on the right hand melody.

What is about? is a platform where you can play any type of accordion with your PC's keyboard (or mobile device). Today there are these available simulators:

  • Bandoneon (instrument used mainly in Tango and Chamamé)
  • Chromatic button accordion (with 120 basses in the left hand and chromatic buttons in the right hand)
  • Diatonic Accordion (3-row accordion)
  • 2-Row Accordion (ARG) – In “Roque Gonzales” System (known as “verdulera” in Argentina)
  • Piano Accordion (120 bass accordion with a 47 key piano in the right hand)


I don't want to register, what am I missing?

By registering at, you have access to the Community, where you can ask our accordion teachers, request new tutorials, or why not, post an accordion for sale

In addition, by registering you get unlimited access to our tutorial base, which have been carefully categorized, so you can find the ones that suit your tastes or level, don't miss them!

What is the Community section about?

In the community section you can find thousands of users interested in the same thing: the accordion! This could be useful for:

  • ask questions about a specific accordion or genre of music
  • publish some sale or purchase of accordion
  • connect with people who like the accordion like you
  • post a note related to the accordion
  • And why not, upload some video showing off your simulator skills!
How do the tutorials work?

The tutorials are YouTube videos, and they are prepared so that you can practice with the accordion you want, for example if we go to the "ADG Accordion Scales" tutorial, a diatonic accordion in ADG tone will appear next to the tutorial.

In this section you will find filters so that you can better find the tutorials you need according to your level, language, accordion, etc. Enjoy them!

Why would I watch tutorials here if I can watch them on YouTube?

The tutorials that you will find in have the following advantages:

  • They are categorized (by musical genre, difficulty, type of accordion, hand used, language and type of tutorial), and YouTube does not have these filters.
  • They have assigned the simulator corresponding to the video (if we enter the «Scales in the chromatic accordion» tutorial, the simulator that will be added next to the video will be the chromatic accordion), with which we save time trying to know «what key the scale is in». accordion” or “what kind of accordion is that”
How to use the accordion simulator?
  • From a computer:

Play keys: Pressing alphanumeric keyboard of your computer
Change bellows direction (diatonic accordions): Escape, Shift, Ctrl or Space keys
Move active keys section (accordions with more than 40 keys): Arrows keys

  • From a touch device (mobile or tablet):

Play keys: Press them
Change bellows direction: Press over bellows

Is there a version for PC or smartphone?

At the moment there is no downloadable version available for PC or smartphone, as our goal is to develop an application that is as easy as possible to use. Without having to install or download anything at all, just connect to the internet and enjoy the simulator.

Can I play both hands?

Unfortunately PC keyboards do not have enough buttons to satisfy this demand, on the other hand, in diatonic accordions where an extra key must be pressed to indicate if we are closing the bellows, it would be impossible to play both hands, and furthermore, this key.

The accordion I am looking for is not on the site. What can I do?

If the accordion you are looking for is not found within the simulators, you can write to us below and we will contact you to add the simulator to the site 🙂

I have a great idea for the site! How can I get it to the developers?

You just have to write to us in the community section and we will be chatting with you shortly, and in advance, thank you very much for your contribution!

The sound of the accordion is different from what I know, can it be improved?

Yes, we can improve it! Simply write to us in the community section and we will contact you right away to see how we can add that sound that you do not find represented in the simulator

If you still have questions, leave your message for the community to help you:

  1. big bruh

    Hola! El acordeon diatonico fa (escala FBbEb) ya no esta en el sitio. Que le paso? Gracias!

    • Leandro La Piana

      Tienes que acceder a las opciones del simulador y cambiar la tonalidad desde allí, y el tono que buscas esta en 3er lugar, saludos!

    • Leandro La Piana

      Buenas! Temporalmente puedes usar el navegador Google Chrome, o aguardar a que salga la siguiente versión (en un mes aproximadamente) que agregará soporte para Mac y iPhone. Muchas gracias por comentar!

  2. Alexis


    • Leandro La Piana

      Qué tal amigo! cuéntame, en qué dispositivo estas probando el simulador? te recomiendo que utilices una PC de escritorio y el navegador Google Chrome, si el problema persiste avisame

  3. Jose Gomez

    en algunas partes del diapasosn, cuando piso3 botones. solo se repreducen2. Es normal ?

  4. Leandro La Piana

    Si esto es normal, se debe a una limitación electrónica del hardware de tu teclado que no se puede resolver con software, te recomiendo utilizar el shift izquierdo para cerrar el fuelle ya que esta tecla permite adicionar mas teclas simultáneas.
    Espero haberte ayudado!

  5. Leandro La Piana

    Nahum Leonardo Santos Cruz, intenta con otra conexión a internet o desde otra computadora para ver si así te funciona a ti

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